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PIPA, SOPA & Let's Not Punch Wikipedia in the Face. Yet.

"Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds."

John Perry Barlow

Just recently I received my first suggestion on a blog idea. The idea was to write about the SOPA and PIPA bills.

What are PIPA & SOPA?

PIPA, if passed, will give  U.S. corporations and the government the right to seek affirmative legal action with any website that they see as enabling copyright infringement whether of U.S. origin or not. Here is a breakdown of all that they will have the power to do.
SOPA, if passed, will work in conjunction with PIPA. As described by such entities as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, SOPA is nothing more so than the U.S. government and private corporations black list

Well, as many of you know these things are old news by now and I had no idea how I could actually approach the subject with something that hasn't been said already. My solution at this point is to not even try and to only use opinion since I am not a reliable source for anything of intelligence in this matter. If you want a more thorough understanding of the bills I suggest going to the link above.

Should I be paranoid the internet froze after I put up this picture? Notice any similarities? In this day, it is no longer a viable solution to burn books. We have computer, kindle, nook, iPhone, etc., so what exactly is the future of Fahrenheit 451 now?

For many of you, who are also like me, we like to read information blindly off the internet as if it were actual truth. There is no fact behind what I read, only the simple idea that this information is easy and free to obtain. My number one source for this blind information happens to be the same as most people in the world, or at least most people in the free world... it's Wikipedia. I'm sure you all knew where this is going. The blackout that occurred yesterday (January 18th, 2012).

Yes, this black out was in protest of the government trying to control the internet. Soooo...they were protesting this control by controlling the internet. This pretty much ruined my entire day from the moment I tried to look up an old baseball player Bubba Trammell. As you'll notice from the link I wasn't missing much, but I didn't know that yesterday. I wanted to punch those Wiki people in the face because it seemed like a waste of time. It was certainly a waste of my time. It seems that it might have actually worked though since it caused enough people to sign petitions that our representatives mailboxes were crashing at high rates. Good for them it seems. 

There are companies that are still wanting to pass these bills. Some of these reasons could include the 16 year low of people attending movie theaters. This low is obviously due to online piracy and the free downloading of's due to a slow economy and higher ticket prices that ordinary people can't actually afford. My solution would be to lower film costs, which would result in this...moneyball for the big screen. I ma going to explain this in a different blog post later, because ultimately I think this is a fantastic idea and it just came to me. 

If this bill is passed I don't think it will have many consequences for those who are pirating. These people can switch addresses at any time, while sites like YouTube will be under constant litigation. Lets's face it, even the ridiculous copyright infringement dumb asses at YouTube can't catch everything. I know this because they took down a family slide show I made with a Liz Phair song. That still pisses me off. Also, with as much copyright infringement that have on this site, there is not way I could survive the moments after this bill is passed.

I found this map on Facebook. This shows internet censorship by country.

   Pervasive censorship
   Substantial censorship
   Selective censorship
   Under surveillance
   No evidence of censorship
   Not classified / No data

Do we really want to be like Cuba or even Australia? I didn't think so.

I can't be the only one who was actually surprised by the Aussie's being under surveillance. This is a country made from convicts though, so...


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