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Dear White People. Dear Humans. Another skinny white girl talking about racism in America...

Dear fellow white people: please stop using the reference "All Lives Matter". Also stop using the reference "white privilege". One is a defensive action, the other is white guilt trying to force white guilt. Both assume that you understand what it means to be a black citizen in this country. Both are responses to white guilt. I do not know the struggle, and I am not guilty just because I was born white. I've done nothing wrong, I will not apologize for something I had no control over. White privilege was never something I experienced, especially while I grew up in trailer parks...with other poor white people.

How about instead of indignation, we just all support the cause of Black Lives Matter? This will be your way of showing that all lives matter without saying it. When there is a peaceful protest, maybe you should join. There should be blacks, whites, cops, hispanics, everyone joining together. We don't have to be on any one side other than justice. Any p…

Started as a Facebook post, turned into a rant...regression to the 50's in America.

I think we've regressed to the 50's rather than moved forward...record players, shopping from catalogues rather than going to stores (online) and blatant accepted racism, for every race and culture.

America has a sorted and complicated past, just as every other country in the world has had, including slavery. Slavery predates written record. My belief is that in today's society there really isn't anyone to blame. This means there is also no one to take responsibility. Responsibility for the Native American population that we stole land from. Responsibility for the Americans bringing slaves to the new world. Not just white Americans, but African Americans as well. Responsibility for the racism in America that led to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's.

These are all horrifying and tragic events of our history in America. They have led populations of minorities into poverty. As the rich keep getting richer these communities are going to continue getting poorer. N…