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Started as a Facebook post, turned into a rant...regression to the 50's in America.

I think we've regressed to the 50's rather than moved forward...record players, shopping from catalogues rather than going to stores (online) and blatant accepted racism, for every race and culture.

America has a sorted and complicated past, just as every other country in the world has had, including slavery. Slavery predates written record. My belief is that in today's society there really isn't anyone to blame. This means there is also no one to take responsibility. Responsibility for the Native American population that we stole land from. Responsibility for the Americans bringing slaves to the new world. Not just white Americans, but African Americans as well. Responsibility for the racism in America that led to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's.

These are all horrifying and tragic events of our history in America. They have led populations of minorities into poverty. As the rich keep getting richer these communities are going to continue getting poorer. No money, no education...crime. Then the poor start fighting back, because that's what people do when they are continuously held back. This doesn't mean people are racist now, it just means that the racism of the past has led to the problems we have today. It also means that these problems are going to lead to blame.

Then circle back to racism?

There really is no one to blame though is there? Maybe the rich? Maybe the government that keeps making the laws? No one to blame, so no one to take responsibility.

My idea, maybe we should start taking responsibility for things we have not done. We should also start taking responsibility for ourselves and our own actions. If you are busy blaming other people for your place in this world, you will continue to blame them and you will become nothing of yourself. Blame and self pity do not create successful people. Not if those are the emotions ruling your life. Usually. I'm sure there's someone out there, there always is.

Trump says let's make America great again. Then he decides to blame Mexicans and Muslims for our failures.

I think it's okay to say America is great right now, even if it needs to be fixed. Without blame.

I have traveled the world, I love meeting people and experiencing new cultures. There are places where people have no power and no freedoms. Places where war is ravaging the country because of unstable governments and various other issues. I appreciate that I can write this saying our government needs help, they are failing us, and not be jailed in the process. If every other country is allowed to be proud of who they are, I believe we as Americans can do the same. If you are representing your country, as a soldier, as an athlete in the Olympics, as any representation of this country, then you should be proud of it or you shouldn't represent it.

America is not the only country with a sordid past.

Our future is not assured.

How are we going to fix things?

How are we going to take responsibility?

Maybe we should stop bitching, stop blaming, and do something.

I want to start with poverty because I think this is a class war more than a racial one. Not by making everything free, but by making the basic human rights of every American more equal, such as education. To make it possible for every person to achieve the same dreams.


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