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Almost 30...Death...and Just Words

Let's talk 
I'm sure the idea of talking about me comes as a big shock, since this is a blog post written by me and generally about me. While this blog post is definitely going to be about me, it's also going to be about other things such as turning 30 and also expectations of society. 
On April 9th, I will be 30 years old.Strangely enough, I'm not even a little worried about the prospect of being 30. I'm still slightly worried about the idea of death, but that's never going to end because I've been born in to a society that feels that every single one of us should be special and none of us should be forgotten. I fear mortality, not death. This is even KNOWING the very fact that I'm nothing special and should stop being such an asshole to think anyone should ever remember me in the future (I should probably remember this the next time I decide to write another post all about myself).
The idea of me not worrying about getting old comes at a s…

The "Cutting Off" Effect

Most of my life I have been a mover. As you might imagine, this means I have moved a lot. From one school, one town, one city one state…to another. Before I was 18 I moved at least 20 different times, so I consider that movement. Anyway, this is not whining or complaining, but rather explaining my approach to people and relationships in a more general sense. This movement is what gave me the ability to speak with people, to make friends easily and move freely from one crowd to the next.
I can’t lie and state that I was the coolest kid in school, because I was the nerdiest little girl starting from 6th grade and beyond. My Xena obsession, AOL chat room RPG sessions and red stringy ginger hair were some causes of my misfortune. Even with this, I usually had friends, lots of new friends that I made and then moved away from. This gives me the ability to make friends, but not necessarily the ability to keep them. Facebook is the new and improved, obvious way of holding on to friends, but…