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Help a Candian...Former Instant Star

"The person who get the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure thing boat never gets far from the shore." Dale Carnegie

Most people that know me, have no idea what I am talking about when I mention a particular interest. This could be any number of things including Julia Nunes (musician with a ukulele on YouTube), Garfunkel & Oates (more YouTube) and possibly shows such as Being Erika or Degrassi (Canadian). My interests aren't that amazing or that unique, so luckily, there's usually one friend that knows who or what I am talking about. Sometimes this knowledge may have come from some type of force. My poor boyfriend gets the majority of these things thrown at him (Gilmore Girls, Xena Warrior Princess, Instant Star, etc.) Poor guy!

Not my boyfriend or me. Just a random photo.
Those of you who also know me, know that when I like things, I like things hard. Instant Star, the music of Instant Star and Alexz Johnson happen to be one of them. The following video was forced on to many people, including my mother. There were no complaints in case you were wondering. 

Now that you love Instant Star and Alexz Johnson. Here is the real point for my first post in days...this lovely Canadian girl is putting on a tour and needs your money. 

Truthfully, she's passed her goal, in one day! She still needs money though, because now this little American tour is trying to go International. (I really do use the comma more than I should probably.) Here are a few reasons why you should give her at least one dollar.
  1. She's an artist doing something about her dream. All of us have some type of dream we want to accomplish (I want to write and I want to paint), but none of us are really doing anything about it. She's doing something.
  2. She's living in my old Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg. The first place I ever lived in NYC! This means she has good taste. (I wonder if she's tried the amazing falafel near the Lorimer stop of the L.)
  3. She's Canadian. As I learned on my European tour, everyone loves Canadians, while everyone hates us Americans. 
  4. Instant Star was amazing. Give her money for that. 
  5. Two record labels have failed her already. Let her be her own boss. Be jealous, that's ok because I am a little jealous myself. 
  6. She was killed off so horrifyingly in one of the Final Destination movies that I nearly vomited. I hate horror films and for some reason I watched anyway. It was horrifying. Good job.
  7. She's lived life as a red head. Dyed red, but as a natural ginger the love is still appreciated. 
  8. Because I said so. What other reason do you need?
In all honesty, I don't think this is something she has to do. If she wanted she could probably continue to act, getting plenty of parts, possibly stay in Canada. This is all great and this is all safe, but not what she has decided to do. She's doing the scary thing and pursuing her passion. One of the entire reasons why I decided to start this blog in the first place is to pursue my own interest of writing and to also discuss my generation of lost souls. Not all of us have something we care about and those that do, aren't generally brave enough to go for it. For those of you in my generation that are successful...would you leave that success to pursue what you really care about?


  1. To be fair, I like all of the things you throw at me (to varying degrees). You're the unlucky one, with all of the comic books, video games, etc. being thrown at you. ;)


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