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"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence." George Washington. 

At this point in time I think it's safe to say every person on the planet knows about the show and book series of Wicked. At the very least I will say, every person in the modern world has heard about this show and at least one small African child is bouncing around the desert singing the song "Popular." Yes, I did mean African citizen and not black. Maybe this kid is a white South African, I don't know. Either way this show is popular. In this series there are two main relationships, possibly three and these are mostly prominent in the book rather than show. 
  • Elphaba (wicked witch of the west) and Galinda (good witch) become best-friends.
  • Elphaba falls in love with Fiyero. 
  • Glinda is dating Fiyero so this is the possible third relationship to care about.
I debated with a person once about which we thought was the most important relationship. Her idea was Elphaba and Fiyero, the two tragic lovers. Mine was Elphaba and Galinda, the two friends who have to part in the end. 

Truthfully, this is the reason I liked the show Xena so much. You have two best-friend who travelled the world and would do absolutely anything for the other. The reason I get so annoyed with the lesbian scenario is because this makes the friendship look so trivial in comparison to the friendship they started with. 

When I started this, I was actually going to try and explain what I think is an amazing friendship and why it is so important. It's actually not something I can not truly explain, but I will give a few sentences anyway. You need people other than your significant other to hang out with. You need someone to complain to when your love is getting on your damn nerves. It definitely happens. You need someone to tell you your being a jackass. I'm not sure my boyfriend would be completely comfortable doing this since there are things at stake. Friends are your friends because they care, are dependable and honest when they need to be, without requiring anything in return. Let's face it, the person your dating is always wanting something in return. 

If you are one of those people with thousands of friends and spread very thin, well, that's not the type of friendships I am talking about. There is another quote by another person stating, "those who are friends with everyone are a friend to no one." I believe that statement is a true story. 

This is by far the dumbest message I've ever written, but here are a few lovely parting pictures of good friendships based on television and movies.

In Stand By Me he says, "You never have friends like the ones you had when you were a child." 

Everyone wanted to be their FRIEND. 

In How I Met Your Mother everyone drops what they are doing in order to run to Ted's side when he gets in a car accident. He was fine and eating Jello when they arrived. Beautiful scene though.

In closing, the saying it true. Sometimes love just isn't enough. You need friends too. If you want, you can love them as well though.


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