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Job or Career?

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." David Frost

When I was a teenager in High school I had a bet going with a friend that I was going to be famous before he was. I was going to be an actress and he was most likely going to be an artist. At this point, I'm not actually sure what his plans were other than being famous. In that small town I guarantee not one person felt I would reach fame, but this guy, everyone thought he was going places. Apparently, we both thought the other was going to be something because as I stated, we bet on it. We were going to be famous, but the real problem was making it first.

I'm not sure why this was actually important to us. Possibly, because we wanted to be the center of attention and obviously this was the way to do it. Another reason could be the ways in which we all tend to compare ourselves with other people. I must have a better job and make more money than other people or absolutely will not be satisfied with my life.

I now see lots of people working in dead end jobs they hate or possibly even jobs in general they hate. Right now the economy sucks so we're all stuck in a waste land, but are we only making excuses for ourselves in order to put off the inevitable. We take jobs for the moment because we need to survive. If we took a career are we establishing ourselves as the obvious loser? After all if we wait just a little bit longer we still have potential.

Think about this...are you working towards a goal or career that you really want? Instead of wondering what would make you look good for someone else perhaps it's time to think about what would actually make you happy.

For those of you with responsibilities and really need money, well, take your passion and make it a hobby. Perhaps this will be your career one day.

"Alright kids, I gotta get to work. If I don't input those numbers… doesn't make much of a difference."
Chandler Bing


  1. You really ought to read Revolutionary Road. It discusses sacrificing your calling for a mere job.

    I agree that many people get trapped in jobs and forgo potential careers. Perhaps people with jobs should constantly remind themselves to keep searching for their career that better meets their calling by leaving motivational notes whether it be in post it form, bullet points in a to do list either on a phone or on the refrigerator, keep a journal outlining measures taken to achieve calling, etc...


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