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Adult Problems

Does anyone remember the movie Man of the House with Jonathon Taylor Thomas? I promise you that was the sexiest rain dance any human being has ever done.

In matters of truth and justice,
there is no difference between large and small problems,
for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.
- Albert Einstein

Remember when you were a kid and the only problems you had included one, many or all of the following problems:
  1. Mom or dad won't buy me that awesome toy I want
  2. I want a freaking car, but babysitting doesn't pay enough
  3. I like him/her, but she doesn't like me back
  4. I finally have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but they want all my candy
  5. Why isn't there enough freaking candy?
Now that you are an adult you see that there are real problems in the world such as:
  1. Mom or dad won't buy me that awesome toy I want
  2. I want a freaking car, but babysitting (job choice here) doesn't pay enough
  3. I like him/her, but she doesn't like me back
  4. I finally have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but they want all my candy
  5. Why isn't there enough freaking candy?
As you read the list a second time you realize, that's all true. You know what the real difference is between the two though? As an adult people pay attention to you. You've lived, you've possibly loved and most importantly you ARE OLDER. We look at children and we say they have no problems, they are dramatic and they will get over it. This is completely true, but remember the same goes for you. You will also get over it and one day you will hopefully have a delightful story. 

As adults we do have a two major problems that structure our lives.
  1. Career
  2. Family
Career determines many things. It determines money and location. This also determines whether you can actually afford number 2. Most importantly this is where you spend most of your time so it could possibly determine self-worth and happiness.

Family choice. Should you have a family? Can I afford the family? Should I go ahead and say what the hell and have a family with no money? Most importantly this can possibly determine self-worth and happiness.

As an added bonus here's another problem that children have compared to us as adults:
  • Their sex lives are destroying their actual lives
The big difference:
  • They possibly have a more active sex life than some of us as adults. Dry spell anyone? 
When you read this, do not scoff, but those are true statements from the life of a 12-year-old girl. I want to tell her that life is short. Life is far too complex to worry about such things as boys and sex and (?ADULT?) life problems at the moment. I want to tell her to wait to have sex, but possibly not as long as I waited since that was 22 yrs and 3 months before 23. That's another bad story for another great day.


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