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Proceeding With Caution...Not Really.

Taking chances has never really been an issue for me.

I hate being cautious because it seems to be such an inefficient use of my time (or I hate thinking because it's an inefficient use of my time). In most cases when I'm thinking something, I say it. I don't mean saying things such as, "I wish I would have washed my hair, it's kind of gross." Well, that is something I might say, but what I'm really talking about is, "you know what, you're kind of a big deal," or "stop being such an ass hole." The inefficiency comes from the lingering amount of time thinking in my head about it. You know the facts, you make your mind up and move on from there. 

In terms of doing things, I tend to do them because once again it just takes too much head space. I wanted to move to New York, I made the decision to move to New York and I moved there a few months later. Some people call this impulsive, but give things too much time and another problems comes up called changing your mind. 

This is the trouble...making the decision. I also have issues making up my mind because there are just so many things out there that are so interesting and so many things that I could be doing. This makes me, impulsive ginger girl with fear of committing.

Once I make my mind up though, I'm worse than I bull in a china shop or those Portlandia characters putting birds on things in a shop. At least those things are contained in to one room.

How do I figure out what to go after next though? Maybe I should pay someone to tell me what I want to do with the rest of my life. They would look through my Facebook profile, ask me a few questions and then choose a career for me and also...I'm not sure what else people have to think about other than that. I don't mean a life coach though because I need someone that will get in my face and call me bitch.

Any takers?

Once again, stupid genius. 


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