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WARNING: Snake Picture. Seriously.

What is the meaning of life is a popular question? Another is...How do I not waste my life?

The last few days have gone by in a blur for me. Sunday I had to fast. Monday I had to fast and get my blood taken so I was exhausted and slept much of the day. Tuesday I had a Doctor appointment and had to get a procedure done that they gave me lots of meds to sleep. I was basically awake long enough to sleep and eat that day. Today, I woke early for another appointment came home, watched some tv and went back to sleep because I got bored of waiting for someone. After this I was given a lovely new car stereo and then we had a lovely dinner. Now I am at home wondering to myself, what the hell happened to the day?

If I waste my days then that means that keep going by us, we keep getting older and then we die. Since I began to have a slight anxiety attack I decided to google the issue. I google everything else so I figure somewhere in the world I could have someone tell me what to do in order to not waste my life.

I did fing a good site that basically restated what I've wanted to do all along. Quit my job to write and travel. Spend most of my days exploring the world and use the rest of my time to make enough money to survive. They lost me at get spirituality and face your fears. Spirituality is my business, it isn't for everyone. Even though, I am glad they didn't say religion and actually would like to find some type of spirituality. In case your wondering I fall more toward the native american ideas and beliefs and could speak more on that later. As for the facing your fears, I don't see why I should ever stop fearing snakes. Coming face to face with one is a dumb idea and I think it's keeping me alive not to be the dumb ass who likes to pick them up and play around with them. When I was a kid, we called the kids who did this idiots. As adults, it would be a much worse name.

p.s. I tried to look at snakes long enough to put a picture up. It was through my fingers and still not accomplished since I ran out of the room like a little bitch. Thank my boyfriend for this.


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