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We Would Be Happier If We Were Still Being Chased By Dinosaurs

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 

― Mae West

Happiness was easier to find at this age, before we realized what it was we were going after. 
Life is beginning to feel as if it's a waste of time. Most people in the modern age have everything supplied for them so easily; food from a grocery store, entertainment in various forms depending on personality, some type of place to live with a variance in size, and usually no giant animal running after you in order to make you lunch. For this reason we no longer have to worry about survival and instead just have to worry about existing.

There are several problems that come along with the mere idea of existence and usually they all involve things such as finding the meaning of life. We ask ourselves strange questions such as: Why am I here? How can I make every moment count? What does it all really mean? Then we tell ourselves terrible cliches such as: Make every moment count. There is a reason we are all here.

Living in a small town as a teenager I heard someone make this statement once, "we (teenagers) get drunk and have sex, because there's nothing else to do." Well, isn't this the what everyone is doing now? We fill ourselves with varying forms of self-sabotage because really what else is there to do? 

All of these things exist now because we are bored with our time, we are trying to find meaning and we really want the biggest thing of all...Happiness. Perhaps we should start focusing on one small issue at a time to complete this task of happiness, meaning and fulfillment. My idea is to start not with what will make us happy, but what exactly is it that is making us unhappy and how can we fix it.

My list of unhappiness, for now...
  1. My job sucks: 
    • It's boring (I'm still finding ways to fix this issue without the answer being Facebook games.)
    • I am a nobody here who does everything no one else wants to do; no respect (My own happiness should not lie in what other people think of me, but what I think of myself. This is easier said than done especially when the people telling you what to do are complete idiots.)
    • I am wasting my life? (I am writing my second novel, so hopefully this helps with the issue of wasting my life.)
    • I feel trapped (This might never end unless the other issues can be solved.)
  2. I hate living in my apartment:  (This will be resolved with time, I just have no patience)
    • Rent is expensive  
    • My neighbors are loud  
    • I feel trapped 
  3. Self-sabotage
    • I may decide to expand on these later, but for now TMI. (Thinking of others is a good thing, but a majority of my self-sabotage could be solved with the simple idea of being selfish. Sometimes it seems to me that other people deserve more happiness than I do, therefore I put that before myself and this is something no person should ever think, feel or do.)
Most of us know that repeating a process the same exact way and expecting different results is a major act of stupidity. The real problem is trying to figure out when you haven't done a thing to change the last process.

A lot of these things are easier said than done. They also seem like a much better idea early in the morning when I have energy and positivity rushing through my veins. Right now I just need a nap.


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