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The Color Spectrum of Humans.

Hello humans.

Yes, humans. You strange creatures that walk around in a constant state of self awareness, always wondering what is expected of you and what isn't. Sometimes it's difficult to straddle that line of what is considered unique while also trying to stay similar enough to society that we aren't considered strange or an abomination.

We make restrictions on other people's lives because they aren't like we are. A man has decided he wants to be a she and the masses come out to destroy her. A woman decides to marry another woman and is considered an abomination because that's just disgusting.

The most adamant and the most hateful are those basing their beliefs on religion. In America, they identify as Christians (not all Christians, some of you I love like a very cute cuddly puppy). They believe that people such as myself that have fallen in love with someone of the same gender are making a choice and that we should turn to God. This is what scripture says, this is what God commands.

Consider this for a moment...would you want to live a life that causes not only individuals, but societies all over the world to hate you? Not only does society hate you, but society is encouraged to hate you. I know that I didn't, I wanted to be like everyone else and I wanted to be accepted. I didn't choose a woman because that's not really the choice I would have made. The decision I did make was to be happy, not sinful or different, but happy.

If you lined up every characteristic of a human being, you would probably have one list of all the same character traits. I'm not sure how lengthy this list would become, but really there are no actual unique traits from one human to another. The differences come once you start mixing these traits and throwing them in to each unique human body. This would be similar to mixing paint colors.

There are three primary colors. Red, yellow and blue. Use these three colors and you have unlimited possibilities. Just because you and another person have the color red in you doesn't mean that you are both going to come out purple. Just because you're blue now, that doesn't mean we can't add a little yellow to make you a green.

As much as we all like to believe that we love being different and we love to live the way we want to live, most of us do not. We live our lives in our self made cages worrying too much about what the world thinks of us. I do this all the time because I'm one of you humans.

My suggestion:

Instead of worrying so much about what gender you believe people are supposed to be or what gender people are supposed to fall in love with, first consider why you care so much.

Then consider your version of the afterlife.
My soul has no gender.
My afterlife is positive energy.


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