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Whitney Houston Another Tragic Hollywood Story

When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of movies with my family. When we watched movies like The Little Mermaid, All Dogs Go to Heaven or 101 Dalmations like a normal family I was bored. I pretty much hated every one of these movies at the time. Other movies we watched were What's Love Got to Do With It, Indecent Proposal and White Men Can't Jump. Sometimes these movies were a little over my head, but I usually preferred them. My favorite movie at 7 or 8 years old was The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston. I loved this movie and I loved the lead as most people did and still do. This is my first memory of Whitney and possibly my last favorable memory of Whitney Houston. Not because of her talent, but because Bobby Brown helped to ruin everything. When she left him, I and probably every other person on the planet had hopes this was the turning point she needed to become the Whitney we knew and loved from years before. I guess this wasn't the case.

As everyone knows by now, Whitney Houston, arguably one of the greatest singers to ever live has died. When you read an article about this woman there will be a few key moments of her amazing life such as star of the 80s and 90s, and dominator of the grammy's for years. Then they'll get to the good stuff, fallen angel and drug addict. The article will end with her recent fail of a new concert tour because they suggest she may have been doing drugs again.

Everything about this story is tragic, but nothing about this story is new. I feel horrified for the life that Whitney Houston was eventually led too. Instead of looking back at this lets looks at some good in it. She influenced sooo many of our current artists including another superstar disaster Mariah Carey.

At this moment the cycle isn't ending though. There are other young stars starting a life of drugs, other older stars continuing and people in general who all see themselves as invisible. After all this only happens to other people. We can't say for sure yet that drugs killed Whitney, but can we say they possibly had an effect? Even if she hadn't still been doing drugs, there's no possible way her body wasn't weaker from it. Anyone who is on this road won't be reading this blog though. They probably won't even look at the news and all the tragic deaths occurring as a wake up call either. We've just lost another person to a horrifying lifestyle, that's all.

Has Hollywood done this to her or would it have happened anyway? From now on, whenever we think of her, let's remember the good things and convince ourselves she's on that remote island with Elvis.


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